When Pigs Fly App Reviews

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They followed Ray Wenderlich's online tutorial

EsenaSoft makes puzzle games. Not arcade games. They wanted to appeal to another audience, so they made a rip-off of Tiny Wings. But they didn't even know how, so they followed an online tutorial. The result isn't even good.

Kinda lame... but good graphics!

Totally a spin off of the iphone app, Tiny WIngs...


Ah! the makers followed that Tiny Wings tutorial! Shame... They didn't even try to optimize it from that tutorial. Although the graphics are interesting, the rest is a bit laggy. Try better next time and be more original :P

Good, but...

It would be a very good game, except the fact that there are no instructions!


The game concept was okay I guess, but it seems almost like a rip - off of Tiny Wings, except it freezes more. I liked the game aside from the fact that the pig would slow down A LOT before getting to the hill, which was pretty annoying..

Cool little game

Cool little game that's somewhat addictive. The music is pretty melancholy for such a bright and fluffy game though.


I like angry hills better...


Very addictive game :)

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